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Birth with Bata

In the 1930's the Bata Shoe Company built a power plant, which supplied electric power and heat not only to the Bata Works in Otrokovice but also to a housing estate, a hotel and a shopping center. The plant was one of the pioneers of combined heat and power production.

The second half of the 20th century brought an increasing demand for the amounts of energy supply as well as environmental requirements. The plant built up two heating plant boilers and put into operation 3 steam generators and 2 back-pressure turbines in 1976 and become one of the modern plants with combined heat and power production. 

Modern History

In 1992 a join-stock company of the Otrokovice Heating Plant was established, the district heating was modernized and a district heating network for heat supply to customers in the area of Otrokovice and Zlín – Malenovice was built up. In 2012 the Otrokovice Heating Plant bought a part of the company NBTH, s.r.o. in Napajedla, a distributor of heat in the area of Nábřeží.