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Our goal is to expand the heat supply with respect to individual customer needs.

Construction of Connections and Heat Exchange Stations 

An expert team of the Otrokovice Heating Plant is ready to help you find the best solution:

  • we assess the situation at a particular place and suggest an optimal solution for connection to the building
  • we calculate the costs of connection and prepare an offer for heat supply
  • on request the offer can also include an option of financing and further operation of a heat exchange station, which is necessary for the transfer of the heat from the primary distribution network of the provider to the customers' facilities
  • if customers choose this option and leave the connection operation including the heat exchange station up to the provider, they get comprehensive heat supply including maintenance and repairs of the facilities. They do not have to solve possible technical problems related to the operation of the facilities and the only thing they have to do is to control the heat supply according tot heir needs
  • customers can also choose an option of acquiring and operating the heat exchange station at their own costs and they get a relatively lower price of thermal energy at the heat exchange station input

New Customer Connection

The conditions for connection of thermal energy customers in the Czech Republic are regulated by the relevant provisions of the Energy Act No. 458/2000 Coll. , as amended. The basic condition for connecting a new customer is submitting an application for connection.