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Our company has been a reliable heat and power provider for a long time.

We are still improving the quality of our services and adapting to our customers' needs in order to increase their satisfaction.

The heat supplies from the Otrokovice Heating Plant represent a secure, easy and convenient way of heating, which is environmentally friendly and at favorable prices.

    Economic Advantages

  • current production of heat and electric power (cogeneration) leads to more efficient utilization of fuel and thus also saves money and primary energy sources
  • co-production of heat and electric power enables our company to keep the prices of heat lower than with the sources producing only heat
  • by operating heat exchange stations we do not save only the operational costs but  we also save our customers' money, because they do not have to invest large sums in buying own boilers

    Ecological Advantages

  • central heat production is environmentally friendly. The fuel is utilized very efficiently and the savings subsequently reflect in a significant  decrease in the concentration of pollutants in the air

  • tall smokestacks ensure the cleaned combustion material and water vapors flow in the higher air layers and do not irritate the surrounding urban areas with emissions

    Comprehensive Service

  • an unquestionable advantage for our customers is providing other services such as non-stop emergency service, heat exchange station maintenance and providing of inspection services