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Otrokovice Heating Plant Supplies Heat to New Shopping Center

Otrokovice (27.2.2014) - The heat provider for a new shopping mall near the railway station in Otrokovice, which has opened today, is  the company Otrokovice Heating Station. The shopping center has extended the range of new customers connected to the hot water distribution network of the Heating Plant.

The Heating Plant acquired some new customers with an annual consumption of over 3,500 GJ. Apart from the new shopping center the new customers connected to the district heating system include a multi-functional building with apartments, offices and shops in Napajedla, an apartment house in Napajedla and a family house in Otrokovice. The company succeeds in acquiring new customers thanks to reliable energy supplies and favorable prices. The advantage of connection to a central heat source is the provision of other services such as a non-stop emergency service, heat exchange station maintenance and providing of inspection services. “This year we are planning the connection of other customers in Napajedla. Apart from two schools, we are going to supply heat to a butcher's, restaurant and parsonage,” said Petr Jeník, the Chairman of the Board of the Otrokovice Heating Plant. 

The company uses combined production of heat and power, which is among the most economical and ecological ways of production. The  substantial part of the heat goes to industrial enterprises and there are over 9 thousand households and other regional institutions connected to the heat supply. The total length of hot water and steam distribution networks is 53 kilometers.