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Otrokovice Heating Plant Invests in Extending Its Network to New Customers

Otrokovice (5.5.2014) - The most important projects of the Otrokovice Heating Plant this year include connecting new customers in Napajedla and a reconstruction of the distribution system in the industrial area Moravan in Otrokovice. Both projects start in May and the total investment will amount to CZK 27 million.

The goal of the first project is an extension of the heat distribution network in the square Masarykovo náměstí and in Komenského Street in Napajedla. The works there are to end in September before the new heating season. “The network extension in Napajedla will bring us new customers. It will connect two elementary schools, a butcher, a restaurant and a parish office to the central heat source,” said Mr. Petr Jeník, Chairman of the Board of the Otrokovice Heating Plant.

Despite the growing competition on the market, the company succeeds in getting new customers mainly with its comprehensive range of services and favorable prices. “We try not to increase the prices of heat and we look for ways to save money for example by improving the production efficiency. A customer's decision does not depend only on the price but also the supply reliability, safety, comfort and other services we provide play an important role, “ said Mr. Jeník.

At the beginning of May the works will also start in Otrokovice with the reconstruction of the distribution system in the industrial area Moravan for  almost CZK 18 million. A new distribution system with new lines will be built there since the the current system no longer meets the requirements in terms of its age and operation economy. The reconstruction is to reduce the heat loss and will enable connection of other firms in this industrial area.

The Otrokovice Heating Plant does not invest only in development and modernization of its heat distribution networks but also in reconstruction of its equipment, increasing operation efficiency and environmental measures. In recent years it has invested in reconstruction and modernization of technologies approximately CZK 1 billion.