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Otrokovice Heating Plant Expands and Modernizes Hot Water Network

Otrokovice (15.12. 2014) - The Otrokovice Heating Plant is expanding its hot water network and is building connections to new customers. The company has invested CZK 35 million in expansion and modernization of the networks this year. 

A connection of a new distribution network to the existing primary hot water distribution system in front of the health center Polimal in Zlín–Malenovice will be completed in mid-December. “The new network will be used primarily for supplying hot water to the facilities in the former industrial complex of Bata tanneries. We would like to build the individual connections to our customers successively during 2015 and 2016,” said  Petr Jeník, Chairman of the Board of the Otrokovice Heating Plant. At the same time, the company continued with the work on prolongation of the primary hot water pipeline from the cinema Květen to the elementary school in Zlín-Malenovice. Both projects have cost CZK 2.3 million.

In December the heating plant also completed a repair for almost CZK 4 million of the networks close to the housing estate Trávníky in Otrokovice, which included a new pipeline and a replacement of the connection for the premises of the company NOVATEX. The lifetime of the new pre-insulated pipeline is minimally 30 years. “Replacing the old distribution pipeline for a new one will reduce heat losses,” said Petr Jeník, Chairman of the Board. And next spring a new hot water network will be built in the area of Kvítkovice. This will make it possible to connect new customers also in this local part of Otrokovice. 

The Otrokovice Heating Plant has invested in total CZK 35 million in expansion and modernization of the networks this year. The biggest investment for almost CZK 19 million went to new distribution networks and the reconstruction in the industrial area Moravan in Otrokovice.