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No Increase in Prices from Otrokovice Heating Plant

Otrokovice (4. 12. 2014) - The customers of the Otrokovice Heating Plant are not going to pay more for heat next year. The price for households will be the same as this year, CZK 505 including VAT. The company has kept the same price level since 2013 a ranks among the cheapest heating plants in the Czech Republic.

The Otrokovice Heating Plant supplies heat to more than 9,000 homes, industrial plants, schools and other institutions in Otrokovice, Zlín-Malenovice and Napajedla. The heat is produced from lignite and hard coal and the heating plant also burns biomass to support the use of renewable energy sources. “We try not to increase the prices for heat and keep them at reasonable level. We rather look for ways of cost saving, increasing of operating efficiency and alternative fuel supplies,” says  Petr Jeník, Chairman of the Board of the Otrokovice Heating Plant.

So an average household with a consumption of 30 GJ will pay CZK 15,150 for heat next year. The final price of heat is influenced by input prices of which the biggest part is the costs of fuel, then environmental investments and increasing prices of mandatory greenhouse gas emission allowances. The heating plant also invests dozens of millions every year in technology and distribution network upgrade to reduce heat losses.

The company has decided not to increase the price for heat for its customers for 2015, although the last heating season was one of the weakest ever. Due to the mild winter, which was one of the warmest over the past few decades, the heat supply went down by approximately 15 percent.