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Heating Plant Ready for New Heating Season

Otrokovice (31.8. 2014) - The Otrokovice Heating Plant has completed the repairs and maintenance of the technological equipment and is ready to start supplying heat to its customers.

“During the summer months we thoroughly prepared for the next heating season to ensure safe and reliable supplies of heat and hot water to our customers,” said Petr Jeník, Chairman of the Board of the Otrokovice Heating Plant.

In the last few weeks the heating plant has been carrying out repairs, inspections and maintenance of the technological equipment, three boilers and both smokestacks. There was also an overhaul of a turbine and a generator for CZK 7 million and checking and maintenance of hot water and steam distribution pipeline. The total distribution network length is more than 50 kilometers.

The heating plant is also going to have new customers in the next heating season. In mid-August the works in the square Masarykovo náměstí and in Komenského Street in Napajedla ended connecting two elementary schools, a butcher, a restaurant and a parish office  to the central heat source. Other new customers of the heating plant come from the industrial area Moravan in Otrokovice. The building of a new distribution system and reconstruction for almost CZK 19 million has also significantly reduced the heat loss.

Last year the Otrokovice Heating Plant started supplying heat on 17 September. Due to mild winter, which was one of the warmest for the last few decades, the heat supply went down by about 15 percent.