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Heating Plant Gift to Help Disabled Children

Otrokovice (10.1.2014) - The Otrokovice Heating Plant has supported the activities of the Center of Early Support Educo Zlín, which helps families with children with disabilities. The financial contribution was taken over by the representatives of the civic association at the Charity New Year Concert in the Congress Center in Zlín on Friday 10 January. 

The Center of Early Support provides free social services for families with children with disabilities from birth to the age of seven. The service is focused on supporting the families and the child development with respect to its specific needs. It is a field service provided at home. “We are trying to improve the quality of life of these families and help with the integration of the children as well as their families into the society,” said Dagmar Machová from the association Educo Zlín, which helps about hundred clients from the whole Zlín Region.

But there are a lot more families with disabled children that need help. We have increased our capacity and there are still other applicants for the service. So we are very grateful for the confidence and financial support from the Otrokovice Heating Plant,” said Dagmar Machová. The non-profit association is going to use the gift in the amount of CZK 50 thousand for the operation of the Center of Early Support, payment of costs for another family and providing hippotherapy for children on weekend stays.