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Fuel Storage

Lignite and hard coal storage. In winter periods of low temperatures we combust up to a thousand tons of coal per day. Apart from coal we also combust biomass.


Rozmrazovací tunel

Thawing Tunnel

The coal that needs to be thawed during winter months goes right into this tunnel.


Pásový dopravník

Conveyor Belt

The coal goes from the fuel storage to the fuel tank and then falls into the mill where it is crushed into powder before combustion in the boiler.


KotelnaBoiler Room

The heat generated in the boiler when combusting the coal heats water and changes it into steam. Two of the five steam boilers are used as a backup. Over the last few years two boilers  have undergone a large-scale modernization.


StrojovnaEngine Room

The steam flows through the turbines connected to the generators that convert it into electricity. The steam from the turbines is used for technological purposes and heating.


Odsiřovací zařízeníDesulfurization Equipment

Sulfur dioxide is removed from flu-gas here thereby improving the air quality. We use a semi-dry method in which the desulfurization product is white powder.


Silo popílkuFly Ash Silo

The combustion process produces fly ash that is stored and used as a raw material in building industry. Also the desulfurization product is stored in the silos and together with slag and fly ash is used for landfill reclamation.


Dominanty teplárnyHeating Plant Dominant Features 

Smokestacks are used for delivering cleaned combustion gases and water vapor to the air. The taller smokestacks the larger diffusion area and the lower concentration of flu gases in the air. Our smokestack is 170 meters tall and is the tallest in the Zlín Region.


VelínControl Room

The place where the operators control the operations of the boilers, turbines and other technological equipment of the Heating Plant from. 


Potrubí rozvodu páry a horké vodySteam and Hot Water Distribution Pipeline

The total length of our hot water and steam distribution networks is about 53 kilometers. We supply heat to Otrokovice, Napajedla and Zlín-Malenovice.


Chladicí věžeCooling Towers

The residual heat is then cooled down in two cooling towers.


22. 09. 2016

Start of Heating Season

The Otrokovice Heating Plant started the new heating season.
30. 05. 2015

Otrokovice Heating Plant Ends Heating Season

The Otrokovice Heating Plant has ended the heating season that started last year on September 23.
28. 04. 2015
Heating Plant to Contribute to Tomas Bata Memorial Restoration

Heating Plant to Contribute to Tomas Bata Memorial Restoration

The Otrokovice Heating Plant is to support the town of Zlín with the amount of CZK 100,000. The money is intended for the…
26. 03. 2015
Pupils Learnt about Heating Plant Production

Pupils Learnt about Heating Plant Production

Twenty children from the elementary school Mánesova Otrokovice came to see the premises of the heating plant on March 26. During…