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Heat Production

We produce heat by combustion of lignite and hard coal and support utilization of renewable energy sources by combustion of biomass. We operate five boilers with a total installed thermal output of 348.6 MWt and the annual heat supply is about 1.8 mil GJ.

Heat Supply

  • industrial enterprises 74 %
  • housing  sector 13 %
  • non-residential buildings 13 %

A substantial part of the heat produced in the Otrokovice Heating Plant goes to the industrial sector where the thermal energy is supplied in the form of steam. The biggest customers are Continental Barum s. r.o., TOMA, a.s. and Fatra, a.s.

Heat in the form of hot water is supplied to the flats, schools, services and other institutions in Otrokovice, Zlín – Malenovice and Napajedla. In total we supply heat to ca 9,300 households. The heat supply in Otrokovice is carried out through the distribution company TEHOS. In other areas we supply heat directly to the end customers. The total length of our hot water and steam distribution networks is about 53 kilometers.