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Environmental Protection

  • investments in construction of a desulphurizer and replacing the fly ash electrostatic precipitators for boiler fabric filters have led to a significant decrease in production of sulfur dioxide by almost a half and a substantial reduction in solids emissions
  • construction of technology for pneumatic transport of fly ash – dust suppression
  • further utilization of fly ash in building industry
  • desulphurization product together with slag and fly ash is used for production of landfill reclamation stabilizer
  • continuing reclamation of the fly ash pond Bělov in Kroměříž area
  • utilization of renewable resources – biomass co-combustion

We meet all the strict environmental limits concerning air emissions as well as other environmental elements – water, soil and noise limits. We have taken a number of steps to improve the ecology of the plant operations and to reduce the production of ash material and emissions. For a long time we have been investing in measures reducing the influence of the heating plant on the environment.

The Otrokovice Heating Plant has been included into the Transitional National Plan setting the transitional period  (2016-6/2020) for meeting stricter emission limits and emission ceilings.

Emissions TOT 1990 - 2014

Annual emissions (t)

     Solids emission       SO2 emission      NOx emission
1990 458,0 9525,0 1450,0
1995 186,0 5274,0 845,0
2000 20,5 2665,5 911,7
2014 14,1 1845,7 624,6
Emission ceilings 19,0 2342,0 864,6